Rifle Scopes for Target Shooting

Hi there, name is Jeremy Hysell, and I am here to give you a few recommendations for rifle scopes.

Buying a rifle scope isnít just as easy as going into a store and picking out a scope. You should compare and contrast each one that seems like it would be a good match for you. You can find rifle scopes as cheap as $50, maybe less and scopes over $1000. Depending on your price range, you can get yourself a really good scope or one that is just going to get you through the hunting season until you can afford to buy a scope that is over $1000.


bushnell elitBushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle ERS Riflescope 6-24x50mm. This scope is top of the line and costing a little over $800, offers a large assortment of fantastic features. This scope offers quality optics with amazing and HD clarity, durability built to last, side focus parallax adjustment for long-range accuracy that can be adjusted, adjustable power, tactical target scope with a magnification of 6 to 24x and a 50mm objective lens that offers exceptional brightness and magnification for extended-range shooting. Personally, I think this makes for perfect target shooting. This scope is also made from 100% quality materials that are used and tested extensively.


nikon scopeNikon M-308 4-16x42mm Riflescope w/ BDC 800 Reticle. If you are looking for a scope that is going to last a long time, is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof, this rifle scope is what you want. The Nikon M-308 has large magnification range with an oversized lens. If you are using a high caliber rifle for target shooting, the oversized lens is going to come in handy. It also has a quick-focus eyepiece for instant target acquisition and long range shooting accuracy. I think that this would be a cheaper alternative to the Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 since it is only in the $400-$500 range.


leupold scope

I hope that my recommendations will help you find the right rifle scope for your target practice. All of the scopes I recommended had high reviews and were mostly affordable. There are many different rifle scopes out there that range from $50 to over $1000. The one you choose should not just be based on price, but should be based on personal preference for your target shooting and what kind of qualities you are looking for in a scope.

Transitioning From The Navy To Civilian Career

navy to civilian

I come from a long line of military family on both my mum’s and dad’s side of the family. At present there are at least 6 of my extended family in the service and one thing we have often discussed is how to best transition a military career for a civilian one. For this post I would like to talk about one of my nephews who has spent 6 years in the Navy with 3 deployments to his name.

It goes without saying that the entire family is very proud of his accomplishments, but he really took a fantastic approach to the transition. Many service men and women use their military career as a stepping stone into an otherwise unaffordable college course. For Jason, my nephew, that didn’t sound all that appealing and he had seen many of his fellow sailors return home, go to college and just not like it.

Jason especially was concerned about the mundanity of going to college, so he spent the last 2 and half years in the Navy making preparations. First of all signed up for welding courses and got all the possible certifications going. This gave him a fantastic insight into a trade with a huge amount of work experience.

Then he underwent extended diving courses which set everything up for him to eventually be accepted into the Navy’s underwater welding program. It is a hugely important role and he gained a lot of work experience as there is never a shortage of repair work beneath the waves. There is similar underwater welding training available for civilians, but you can expect to pay over $15,000 just for the commercial diving license part of it.

When he eventually retired from the Navy he was 25 years old with full underwater welding certification and 12 months of intense work experience. This essentially meant that job offers came flooding in from all over the country.

In the last 9 months he has travelled from Maine to Texas and all along the West Coast where he has been mainly working for oil and gas companies. At present he has at least 12 months’ work queued up and he has started his own business looking to recruit some of his former fellow sailors.

This has now allowed him to be in a position where he earns in excess of $150,000 per year. Had he gone to college he would be waiting for 4 years with no income, with a hope of probably earning half that when he finished. However, his business idea is excellent and his current clients have already voiced interest in extending their orders for more former Navy divers.

His plan now is to hire at least two more retired Navy sailors with the full certifications needed. He will then be able to clear his backlog of projects in about 5 months and then spend a lot more time on the sales side of things. The main thing he is focusing on is the flexibility of being able to take on projects throughout the US, but he already has his eyes on international expansion.

There are numerous welding job prospects with very good income potential, so you should not shy away from this choice of career transition if you do not like the idea of spending a lot of time in and underwater.

How Paleo Compass Diet Contributes to Good Health

Image of Paleo DietSome of the experts of Health and fitness are happy to know that there is a new diet that is available in several shops for those people who are health conscious. The Paleo compass offers a comprehensive list of organic food for anyone interested in the paleo diet.

This method is just one of the many types of paleo diet that exists among dieting experts. The paleo diet is considered and recognised to help people with their nutrition especially in losing weight. One of the source where I get information would be from foodcompass.co.nz. The paleo diet is a type of diet where people are following the eating habits of the hunter-gatherer cavemen. In short, it is a diet regimen where food should be 100% all natural and organic. A lot of people believed that the hunter-gatherer ancestors did not suffer the same diseases that modern humans have today. This diet encourages people to consume organic plants and animals. This includes meat, eggs, vegetables, fish and fruits. There are a few things to check before starting a paleo diet.

Things You Need to Know About the Paleo Compass Diet

1. Consult With Doctor’s Medical Advice

Like all diets, a proper examination is needed in order to determine that a person is suitable for the paleo diet. Check-ups for food allergy is important because a large percentage of the diet itself revolves around meat, poultry, and fish. The paleo diet is not for people with food allergies. People should always check if they have food allergies before starting the diet.

2. How To Get Paleo Diet

The paleo diet involves eating fresh meat, poultry, fish and vegetables that are organically grown. This means no chemicals should be used that may affect the growth and nutrition of the plant and/or animal. Organically grown vegetables and organic meat are expensive, especially when consumed on a daily basis.

3. Benefits

People who will start Paleo diet will help them reach an optimum level of health. It can help them lower food contents that are not nutritious and it can lower down their cholesterol levels of the their body. In this way, it will cut down the risk of having heart illnesses that will later cause death if not treated well. The goal of this diet is to set aside too much cholesterol and calorie intake of a person. The food choices for this diet are comprehensive and all of the choices are full of nutrients.

4. Success in the DietImage of Healthy Food

There are several ways to achieve your goal in getting the benefits of the diet. One way is to focus on doing the diet and follow the diet with consistency. It is important to set your mind that you will benefit from regularly following the diet. Another way is to appreciate every food in the diet because you will later then see the importance of it and how effective this diet is for you. Nowadays, different soldiers in the army are using the paleo diet, and they succeeded in getting the benefits of it.

New Kind of Travel: Helping People

Image Credit: diginomica.com

Image Credit: diginomica.com

I was just out on an adventure as a volunteer for a relief operation. I saw an ad put up by an organization that focuses on going around places that needed distribution of reliefs. They usually go to places that have been struck by calamities like typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, and the likes. The ex-military that I am, and now that I have started on my adventure as a traveller, I decided to sign up for just 1 relief operation.

Nothing makes travelling more fun than making it more exciting through helping others in need.

As it happens, the group not only supports calamity stricken places, but also those places where living is very difficult and people are really poor and hungry. They also support and visit places where indigenous people live.

When I joined, the team was headed for a rural part of the Africa. We were met with faces of both young and old, whose faces lit up the moment they saw our van. They knew they were going to get the help they deserved.

Being the new guy, I followed orders and started helping the others give out the relief materials. I was happy to see that they covered the essentials: food, clothes, shoes and slippers, blankets, mosquito repellents, baby formula milk, soap, etc.

While others wait in line for their turn, the children were also gathered and the volunteers put up a mini-show for them. They did basic magic tricks and had games where the children gladly joined in. Seeing the joy in the children’s eyes as they watch the simple show makes you see how important and life-fulfilling the experience is for them. For the man that I am, I could not help but shed a tear.

They also had doctor volunteers who gave free medical and dental check-ups. Throughout the entire trip, I was really touched at the wonderful cause that the organization has decided to pursue. At that time, I could compare their heroism to the soldiers of the country, except that they do these with their own group’s efforts.

Like soldiers, they conquer unknown lands and battle their fears and their doubts about what could happen to them on their relief operations. They focus on their goal, which is to help those in need; to give to those who have none.

I was really glad that I came to participate in that outreach program. Even if it was just a short term experience, it was very inspiring. It made my second escapade very meaningful and heart-warming.