Learning About Basement Waterproofing NJ Style

Basement Waterproofing NJ Techniques

My feet just can’t stay in one place for too long. Recently, I visited New Jersey just because I felt like going there. I had no plan whatsoever, I just went there and let the wind take me wherever it wants me to be.

While there, I happen to arrive at a local seminar for basement waterproofing. Again, I really had no idea how I ended up in that lobby of the inn. But hey! I was already there, might as well learn a thing or two that I could apply in my house when I get back.

The seminar is offered by a company that offers services in basement waterproofing NJ style, and other water treatment services. So as the seminar went, here are a few things I learned:

Woman Applying Basement Waterproofing NJ style

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Water damage restoration is the act of replenishing or restoring a house or building that has been damaged by water. This includes having to bring the establishment back to its state before the water damage took place, or to improve it into a better and more water-damaged proof state.

In the process of water damage restoration, there is assessment of damaged areas done through the documentation of the damaged materials and areas. Then they should determine the value of the materials that were lost or destroyed, which they can determine through standards.

After the assessment, comes the actual restoration process that is done using certified equipment and materials. The restoration includes the process of drying the structure, sanitizing the area from possible infections and contamination and deodorizing the area to rid of foul smells that have gathered during the infestation of water. Then refurbishing of materials and repairs are made. When the tasks are completed, the place is given a period of two to three days for reassessment. This is done to make sure that the work has no lapses and that no trace of the water damage is left behind.

Even as the seminar is sponsored by a company called Flooded NY, there were also brochures from other companies that offer the same services such as RDC Water Restoration (www.rdcrestoration.com) and Atlantic Water Damage (www.atlanticwaterdamage.com). From browsing the brochures, I can tell there is a huge difference in service fees from all these companies. No wonder it was Flooded NY that got the chance to talk at the seminar, maybe?

Now, are these information on water damage and basement waterproofing a lot of new things for all of us? Most certainly are! But very useful information and not at all a waste of a few hours of my time and stay at New Jersey.

I never really gave these things much thought, and this is the beauty that you get when you travel to places. You get to learn things you never really thought you’d spend time learning.

I will soon have these knowledge applied when I get back home. But for now, I wonder, where do I land next?