When you have been to war, you spend a life of keeping your thoughts to yourself, or to the few people you spend the days with. This is why, after years of service, and now that I am back in control of my own life, I decided to write this blog.

I am Jeremy Hysell, a war veteran, who wants to share the silenced stories of my years in service.

These stories aim to inspire and give aspiring soldiers what the life of a war soldier is, so that they will know what to expect when in it is their time to be in the battlefield.

I will also share some of my travels now that I am out and about experiencing life outside the war zone. I decided to travel around the globe to experience what I never thought I would never have the chance to do, when my life was on the line in the battlefield.

Life is a wonderful thing, but I do not regret offering my life to be of service to my country.