So you want a new roof as they are attempting to choose whether or not to try and save some money having the new roof set up over an existing layer of roofing. This method is quite common in lots of areas and many roofing contractors do not see any trouble with this method and have no problem attempting to sell homeowners on a lay-over or go-over since this technique is called. They are wrong.

five Top Reasons A Lay-Over Or Go-Over Is A Bad Idea When Re-Roofing

1.)  Areas which have or needed leaks can’t always be addressed properly

There is certainly a good opportunity that your old roof needed some problem areas including possible leak spots, regardless of whether you noticed all of them or not. Without tearing off the old roof and also properly determining these types of trouble spots and also determining where the leak was coming from and also traveling to it will be impossible to tell exactly what areas of your roof may require some special consideration.

2.)  Any kind of rotted wood under the existing roofing will simply get worse

There may be areas which have rotted wood hiding under the old roofing. These types of rotted areas have to be identified and replaced before a new roof is set up. Obviously if your roofing contractor is just doing a lay-over roofing installation then these rotted areas will stay covered up and only get worse as the years go on. Additionally the nails holding down the shingles in areas with rotted wood cannot correctly do their job and you have a higher risk of shingles blowing off in those areas.

3.)  Eaves, rakes and also valleys need special treatment

This really is a big one. The eaves, rakes and valleys of your home need special attention when your home’s roof has been installed. This is especially important in colder climates like Anniston, where we are located. In the winter time the eaves of your home are under attack by Mother Nature, whether it is via ice dams, snow build up, or simply the constant freezing and also thawing that occurs all through the winter season. When a brand new roof is correctly installed the roofing contractor has to put new aluminum drip-edge around the entire perimeter of your roof.

Next they have to apply a 3 foot wide section of ice & water wall around the perimeter along with in any valleys on your roof. Then they can start to install the new roofing. Without tearing off the original roofing there is absolutely no way to properly install the brand new drip-edge or ice & water barrier. On a lay-over kind of roofing install, the roofing contractor is depending the existing products on the home’s roof to keep up to par and be able to manage the winter conditions. All too often the old products fall short whether it was because they possess outlived their lifetime, were sub-par to start with, or maybe they were never there to start with (all to often the latter is the situation with ice & water barrier).

4.)  Additional roofing weight is no good for old rafters

One of the most obvious problems with a lay-over re-roof is the added weight of the extra layer of shingles. On the majority of newer homes this is not a problem, however a lot of older homes have rafters that are considered undersized by today’s framing standards. It is not unusual to see 2×6 rafter systems on most of these houses. Now in most situations a 2×6 rafter is undersized to start with and you certainly don’t want to be adding the weight of a brand new roofing layer on top of an old roofing layer to these already undersized rafter systems. With newer roofs using 2×10, 2×12, engineered trusses, etc. the weight is not always as much of a problem.

5.)  Shorter roof life expectancy

The majority of responsible roofing installers agree that a lay-over roof are going to decrease the new roof’s lifetime by about 25%. This fact alone signifies that any money you may have saved by doing a lay-over, instead of a tear-off and new roof install, was just a short term savings. In addition, you now have two layers of roofing which will need to be removed the next time your roof is done which will also add more price to the job

Tear-Off Then Re-Roof Is Always Superior

Well, I just provided you 5 very good reasons why you should tear off your old roofing and install your new roof. Indeed it may be cheaper in the short term to do a go-over on your old roof, however, in the long run it will cost you more. We by no means recommend this technique to our customers. We always suggest completely tearing of the old roofing, repairing any underlying problems, then installing a fresh, lovely new roof which will outlast any lay-over roof along with better protect our customers’ homes.

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