People call me brave for serving in the military for several years. This makes me really happy and proud. It is a good feeling when people appreciate your efforts and see you as someone who is courageous enough to think of others and the country, before thinking about ourselves.

But no matter how brave a person is, there will always be incidents that would melt a heart to the point that tears would fall down and the video below is something that really brought tears to my eyes.

Aside from the fact that it showed how people are generally selfless, it showcased help for people like me – veterans.

The video series is called “What Would You Do?”¬†and for this episode, an actor pretended to be a veteran who unfortunately ran short on cash to pay for his groceries, which included items that are obviously for a baby. The cashier is also an actress who tries to establish to people that the man is a veteran and has a family and has been struggling financially.

The stunt was to see how the people behind the “veteran” would react to his situation.

The results were really heartwarming. It really showed that people have high regard for veterans. They give value to the phrase “Thank you for serving the people.”

This was not just emotionally touching for me just because the person in the limelight is a pretend veteran. Of course that is a factor, but it was also touching because it made me realize that I should be thankful for the fact that despite the difficult life I lived, I am still able to make ends meet. Other veterans are not as lucky. For many reasons, their compensation do not give them enough to live better lives, financially speaking.

This does not mean that they deserve less respect. We must never judge them because some veterans just really find it difficult to pick up where they left off. Meaning, they cannot cope as much as they want to, in terms of living a normal life away from the battlefields. Some find it difficult to land or keep a job because post-trauma and panic attacks develop and make it dangerous for them to work with other people, while others find it difficult to leave their homes because they think that life has become so short that they would want nothing else but to spend as much time with their children, wife and family.

Whatever the reason may be for a veteran to financially struggle, it is always a good thought that a lot of people, like those in the video, as well as numerous organizations and government agencies.

I think I would like to take this opportunity for all those who made a veteran’s life easier in any way. At the end of the day, it won’t matter how big or small the favor you did for a veteran, what would remain is the happiness that is brought about by the gratitude that veterans feel for those who appreciated the service they gave to fellow civilians.