Soldiers are considered heroes. In fact, they are modern heroes for they offer their life to the country. They put their life to danger just to make sure that we all sleep soundly and peacefully at night. They endure the time away from their family and loved ones just to safeguard their fellow countrymen. They missed a lot of important events such as anniversary, birth of their child, graduation, and the likes. Every time they go on a mission the truth haunts them that there will be a possibility that they will no longer see their family.

John was a soldier and he spent 20 years of his life in the military service. He admitted that there came a time when he felt like he was going to die. The thought of not being able to see his wife and children frightened him. He missed a lot of important events in his children’s life. Now, after spending 20 years of his life serving his countrymen, he finally decided to retire. His decision made his family very happy, especially his wife. His wife said that they are growing old and it is time for them to make up for the lost time. John all wanted right now is to serve his family.

As a brand new start, John and his family decided to move to a house of their home. When he was away, his family lived in a housing project for the families of soldiers. He wanted to move away as part of starting over, and because he fears that if he stays too close to a community full of soldiers, he will remember the scary memories of his life in the military. Yes, there are also good memories to be nostalgic about, but he wants to be a regular person since the moment he decided to retire, and he feels that staying in a house that reminds him of his past will not help with his goal.

Thankfully, his wife and kids were supportive of his decision. At first they found it difficult because it would mean living friends behind, as well as other memories they shared in the place. However, they know that other families had to go through worse, like actually moving from one place to another every time a soldier in the family needs to be assigned to a different place. They were solid enough to stay in a single place no matter where John was assigned. So, they understood when John requested that they move away to start a new life.

This simple story of how a veteran has to move away from a place just to be able to start a new life truly shows that life in the battlefield is not as easy as movies and fictional stories say. Sometimes, its not at all happy endings, and sometimes, soldiers may come home whole, but their minds and hearts are bleeding and broken.

Thankfully, a lot of people are able to showcase much love and respect for soldiers and veterans.

Veteran Soldier

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