This Anniston Plumber is a Hero

It is known that a soldier is treated as a hero by a lot of people. Who would not? The courage it took to risk lives for people you do not know, for your country, and for an ideology, is enough for a soldier to be seen as a man to look up to – a hero.

I can say this for a fact because I have also had my share of “hero” acknowledgements, every time I get the chance to meet someone who later finds out that I am a war veteran.

However flattering it is to be called a hero, I know that everyone are heroes in their own accord. Just recently, being the man that I am, I really still acknowledged the plumber we hired as my hero, because he saved me from a terrible, terrible plumbing fiasco.

Bathroom Plumbing Problems

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I heard a loud bang in our upstairs bathroom, followed by a loud hissing sound. At first I thought it was a gun was fired and aimed at my home that I had a mini panic attack while I hurriedly but carefully checked out what the problem was. When I got to the bathroom where I heard the loud sound, I was greeted by a massive leaking in the pipes under the bathroom sink. Water was everywhere so I rushed to our main water switch and turned it off.

I called my wife and asked her if she had the pipes checked and fixed the week before, when there was only a small leak. She said she did call a certain Ted’s Plumbing company and they were quick to send a man over. She said I should just call them back and tell them that the problem from last week got worse and is now become a bigger leak.

I told her I am not calling them back. After that sloppy job, why would I? I told her I would take care of it so she doesn’t have to worry while she’s away.

I checked online for local plumbers in Anniston, AL, and I did come across that Ted’s Plumbing company. In the back of my mind, I was remembering to call them later to complain. But first I knew I had to get the problem fixed by someone who can actually fix the plumbing problem, and not make it worse.

I read on and came across C Mac Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services. They seemed to have a lot of good reviews from other clients and so I hurriedly called them to come over and fix the problem I had.

And what do you know, after a few hours of tweaking and checking, and changing pipes and whatever else they do, everything was spot on and ready for use again. I really showed my appreciation for them by calling them a hero’s hero, which they humbly rejected, and returned to me, telling me that their service will never compare to the type of service that soldiers like me do for the country.

They were really good people, and it was a great day, not because my plumbing system leaked out on me and messed our upstairs bathroom, but because once again, I am able to meet great people that are humble in their service. For me, those plumbers from C Mac Plumbing are the soldiers of our local plumbing industry, and I will be sure to recommend them to people that would need their services, at some point.