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There are a lot of happy and sad stories about the life of a soldier after he has come home from war. Some stories are heartwarming and are about rekindling the family ties that have been kept distant because of being away in the battlefields. Some stories are tragic, and are about the loss of the people they love in battle.

I am a soldier fortunate enough to be back and alive after years in service to my country. Unlike them, I have nobody to come home to. I knew the trials that would have to be faced if a soldier had a family he as to leave behind for war. That was not something I could not take. The only family I have right now, is my mother, who is making a great reputation as one of the attorneys in Anniston AL that is greatly recognized for a great winning record in trial cases. Even leaving her back then was a difficult choice but I had always dreamed of becoming a soldier and she was very supportive about it. She is also a very strong woman and I really love her for that.

She is just more than happy that despite her age, she still had the chance to see me come home. When I told her that she can stop working because I can support her with the money I get from my years in service, she said that it was what I earn and I should be the one spending it and enjoying it, not her. She just wants me to spend my life the way I want to, now that I am out of the battlefield. Indeed, there is no higher love than a mother’s love for her child.

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Taking my mother’s advice, I went on with life and decided to travel the world. This world is too big and after being in the battlefield, I have come to realize that life is too short to live in doubts and what ifs. I have decided to live the moment and travel.

Now, I am moving on with my life. I was a soldier of war. Now, I would like to believe that I still am a soldier, but this time, I fight in my own pace, and fight for personal things. I hope this does not mean people would view me now as selfish, because I have been unselfish for so many years, offering my life in service instead of offering it for my own family, or even having a family of my own for that matter.