I’m doing work in Iraq for the State Department and intending to get home for my second leave block. A week just before coming back, I find out that my girlfriend had kissed somebody else in between my last leave block and now. I ask her if perhaps she still wishes me to keep coming back or we just go our separate ways. She tearfully says she really wants me to come again and we’ll sort it out. On the way of coming back, I’m delayed over a day in Kuwait City and then find myself arriving the sunrise before we are set to travel 16 hours from D.C. to southern Florida. After few days of getting a little bit of a lukewarm reaction from her, I finally ask what’s wrong. She proceeds to let me know that she can’t do the long distance relationship anymore as well as isn’t certain she is prepared to settle down. I do think to myself, “We drove 16 hours to Florida, are not even 4 days into my vacation, and perhaps assume now is the most suitable time to tell me this ?”

To make things a whole lot worse, we still have 4 days left and I’m not going to have a young woman drive straight back up the eastern seaboard by herself therefore I have to grit it out. Despite the fact that we get back together, I have absolutely no place to stay therefore I crash at her place until I take a flight returning to Iraq. Along the way of staying with her, I come to find out that she was seeing the guy she kissed for a month and to this day, they really are still together. It took me roughly a year to get all my things back even though I have gladly moved on. I do wonder, however, is this is cosmic returns for the breakup with a girl a month before I was returning home on deployment leave after being gone for 9 months.